Mushroom House: Mayowood

In response to Judith’s comment and questions about the “mushroom house”

It is located a few yards behind the red brick house at the foothill drive of Mayowood.

I actually did spend time in it, contemplating what it was used for. Water  did run down the domed inside and drained out in a circular system. Hopefully, someone reading this will know, or I will have to do some digging into what it was used for! I am assuming cold storage. There was also a larger one built into the hill behind Ivy, but not as charming as this one.

This photo was taken from Mayowood Historical District Restoration project link below:


One thought on “Mushroom House: Mayowood

  1. The mushroom house was used for cold storage. There is a spring running through it that was likely used to store mile and cream cans.

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