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My research into the founding of Mayo Clinic began in 2000, when I had the opportunity to live at Dr. Charlie Mayo’s home named Ivy Lodge or Ivy Cottage in Rochester, MN. The entire area referred to as “Mayowood” is such a magical place it inspired me to write this fictional story titled “Dinner at the Big House.”

I have been a Mayo Clinic patient for the past 15 years. All four of my children were born in the hands of Mayo physicians.  I am so fortunate to live in such close proximity to access the best health care available for myself and my family. Rochester is really a great place to call home.

I have met people from all over the world just a few blocks from my home. It is always an adventure to walk downtown. I can never predict who I will meet or from which part of the world they call home.  When I look up at the amazing buildings, I am always reminded of the founders of the Mayo Clinic.

None of this would be possible without their vision and genuine love for humanity, science, technology, education and research. I am honored to do my small part in writing this fictional story to keep the stories of the past alive while we advance in all areas of future discoveries.

Judith Hartzell author of  Mrs Charlie: the Other Mayo, and I Started All This:  the Life of Dr. William Worral Mayo, is also following the blog story. Judith has a unique affiliation with the family and history of Mayo Clinic. Her research and insight is unparalleled.  I am happy to have her presence and comments on my blog.Please read these two important historical books. They can be found on Judith’s website, or inquire in gift shops near the Clinic.  Here is a link to Judith’s website:


“Dinner at the Big House” is a blog style book in which I am posting one chapter per week, or as I see fit.  I am not a published author. This is my first attempt at writing a fictional book. I really appreciate your participation, comments and patience between chapter postings! I am writing this way to gain a following of readers, so I greatly appreciate you sharing this information with friends, family, or co-workers.

You may follow the fictional story by clicking on the link and entering your email address:


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This is a free “book” at this point.  I do have hopes of someday printing  hard copies of the book in which a percentage of proceeds will be donated to the preservation and restoration of the Mayowood mansion. Printing will depend on the reception I receive from you!

Two important links to get informed about Mayowood:



Tours of Mayowood mansion are fun and educational. I believe they are closed for the winter season, but check with the Olmsted History Center for opening dates this spring and summer:


A HUGE thank you to Chad Johnson, (a native of Rochester, Mn) for sharing his links to the most beautiful and magical photos of the Mayo Clinic buildings in Rochester Mn, and the Mayowood area. Enjoy them at the two links below:

Mayowood –  http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnson7/sets/72157600013836955/detail/

Mayo Clinic –  http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnson7/sets/72157600013809973/detail/

G.E. Cooper- blogger/author


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